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Direct TV broadcast satellite service provider was established in 1990 and is located in El Segundo California. It launched in 1994 a satellite service that transmits digital satellite television and audio to the US households, Latin America and the Caribbean, and later on became a subsidiary of a big telecommunication company in 2015. Today, it is considered as the top provider of digital satellite television in the world.


Because this provider offers the best technology at the most affordable costs, it acquires a viewing audience of more than 16 million US subscribers alone. Its latest and best equipment and very affordable choices of boise directv programs, it maintains to be the number one choice among providers.


The objective of this provider is to keep their number one spot in customer satisfaction. To be able to do this, they continue to offer and introduce art equipment that are state of the art, a completely free professional installation, and programming packages that are the best available in the industry. They give also an additional incentive to every new subscriber, and this is a free digital video recorder. This would mean that you will not miss any television program if you do not have time to watch on its schedule because you can record these programs. You can digitally record through this DVR and store your favourite programs on this hard drive for up to 70 hours. It has a slender remote with features that will make you record, pause, fast forward, rewind and skip forward. For further details regarding the benefits of DirectTV services, check out


You will be able to edit and eliminate commercials and also create your instant replay so you can show to your family and friends. You can even pause and resume live programming at your own time and will. Through the provider's fleet of orbiting satellites, the video and audio programming can be delivered in 100 percent digital signalling then it is processed through a home based receiver for conversion to either standard or high definition resolution on your television screen. Note that nowadays, it is the state of high definition that is considered as the state of the art in television viewing that is comparable to a theatre like viewing experience.


A valued feature of this satellite TV provider is its excellence in superb programming choices. It has more than 250 channels divided into three packages of Total Choice, Total Choice Plus, and Total Choice Premier. These directv call center boise packages would give vast choices for the whole family, from local channels, news, family and children selections, pay-per-view, arts, entertainment, sports, and so on. It also offers details of each package for pricing and line-ups information.